The Year 2009 started with a negative impact due to the “Credit Crunch” all over the world. The recession in Europe and The United States has reduced the demand in most of our export products. A lot of companies, factories retrenched their workers in thousands. According to Sri Lanka’s sensors and statistics the total number unemployed in the country has risen to 450,000, but we as a company took this opportunity positively and started opening offices in Sri Lanka. We had a huge problem of getting into the market especially getting into the offices due to the ongoing war over the island. Today we have 55 offices all over the Island and still more to come in 2013. That is what giving opportunities is all about because during the global economic meltdown we can grow by recruiting more people. Not only that, we can promote more business opportunities on behalf of the clients. The areas we need to improve are, raising the standards of offices including managers and supervisors and distributors so that we can increase the productivity and efficiency. We have decided to spend more money on these areas. We hope the year 2013 ends with flying colors.